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Sierra Design process

At Sierra, one of our fundamental beliefs is that effective planning is essential to ensuring the long-term value of a property. Planning helps streamline construction processes, ensuring all elements of the property work in harmony while providing clients with a clear understanding of the ultimate result. While some aspects of your project will be ultimately determined through the creative process of our artisans during installation, we believe we have the responsibility to guide you through all phases of your project, from idea gathering, to establishing budgets and scope of work, to developing a plan, to executing that plan to produce a finished product.

The long-term value of planning lies in lower maintenance costs, a healthier landscape, improved curb appeal, and higher resale value. When you work with Sierra, it’s our goal to ensure these attributes are brought to your project. Essentially, proper planning ensures we not only deliver immediate satisfaction, but also that we provide for your long-term enjoyment of our high-quality products.

The Design process

Step One: Property Review & Recommendation – Prior to our first site visit, we’ll invite you to fill out a questionnaire, the results of which will help us learn about your likes, lifestyle, and objectives. We’ll also request a few digital pictures and a copy of your property survey so we can begin thinking creatively about your property.

During our initial visit, we’ll perform an assessment of the opportunities and challenges of the entire property or specific area. We’ll discuss how you’d like your outdoor spaces to function in combination with your indoor spaces. We’ll also go over criteria such as your budget and maintenance considerations. We encourage you to think about these topics prior to our visit.

Step Two: Conceptual Design(s) – After identifying the property’s challenges, brainstorming potential solutions, and discussing desired enhancements, we’ll prepare the conceptual design(s) for your review. During this time, we will also discuss materials and layout. The best of the conceptual design(s) are then tweaked or combined into a refined design that’s submitted to you for your approval.

Step Three: Final Design, Engineering, and Planting Plan – The final details of the design are completed, including material selections or recommendations, comprehensive planting plans, and, if desired, landscape lighting and irrigation recommendations. If required, grading and drainage site plans will be provided. Once the design is completed, the installation will be contracted and the necessary permits obtained.

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