Outdoor Living Steps
Concept, Design, Build

The outdoor living environment works best if your lifestyle and property arrangements are properly considered. At Sierra, we do that and more, handling all facets of your renovation experience, freeing you from worrying about permits, inspections, hiring outside contractors, etc. Our professionally formulated design process will ensure your project’s success.

we value client expectations

Everything we do is custom, and no two jobs are alike. Our clients often find value in trusting Sierra’s team to create designs that blend all aspects of the outdoor living environment—both indoors and out. Creating such a well-planned and high-functioning environment provides you with tremendous value as well as the security that comes from knowing your outdoor space will function as designed for many years to come.

Partnerships, not 'jobs'

Once you’re a client, we want you to stay with us for life, so we work hard to forge a partnership with you from our very first meeting. Not only will we provide you with an outdoor space that enhances your quality of life, we also offer a lifetime pledge of support on all of our products and services. Our commitment to you and your project is unmatched.


Sierra is a small but powerful company that takes on extraordinarily challenging projects. We have developed a niche market for ourselves as landscape and outdoor living environment problem-solvers.

Our pledge to each of our clients is that we will create for them natural, timeless masterpieces that function flawlessly through the years—and we are able to consistently deliver on this promise. Our work is unmatched because we pay such close attention to detail, engage in thoughtful and creative problem-solving, and take the time to ensure each installation is done to exacting specifications. We handle projects of all sizes with unparalleled professionalism, integrity, and efficiency.

On-Site Consultation

We love meeting with our clients face-to-face! There is no better way to understand your needs than through an in-person consultation. We would love to hear from you, so please contact us to set up an initial meeting.

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Many years ago, we built a bench on the side of a country road with no specific intention. It was mostly a gesture to fellow man. Over the years, it has been used by hikers, bikers, kids, travelers, and the occasional person waiting for a ride. Today, we noticed this little nugget left by one of the bench’s visitors, which made us smile with satisfaction and pride.


We been on this cool project lately that has given us complete creative freedom brought to us by associate @stoneassociates. Unfortunately, we can't share the results as part of a privacy agreement. But I have a very important question. Would you remain passionate about your craft and still give 110% when you know almost no one will see it?

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When a client realizes anyone can put up a fence panel but they want something more custom. We do custom. Looking forward to seeing the gardens go in and get some stain on this creation. Texture created with rough sawn hemlock. #sierraweb #sierrahomecraftsmen #sierraoutdoorsolutions #landscaping #landscapedesign #hardscape #fence #hemlock #roughsawn #texture #spartanj #lakemohawk #lakemohawknj #custom #webuiltthat ...

Would you rather hire an artist or someone that just knows how to do what the instructions say? Innovation comes from challenging the norm. Be different, be yourself. #thoughtfortheday #sierraweb #sketch #pencildrawing #spartanj #lakemohawk #hardscaping #stonecraft #stone #stoneassociatesdesign #patio #changethegame ...

Client's children very happy to have a yard they can use now. It was our pleasure to give this family a safe place for their children. Phase 1 complete. Now we start planning phase 2 to beautify and enhance. #sierraweb #spartanj #sierraoutdoorsolutions #sierrahomecraftsmen #bobcatnation ...

I'm often asked why we dry lay our flagstone over gravel and sand instead of concrete and mortar. There are 2 reasons. First, this method will never fail, separate, or need costly joint repairs. Second, is self explanatory in this picture. A level of character and warmth you can not get from a mortar bed. This is 23 months after installation with a little assistance from our client and some moss plugs. #sierraweb #landscaping #moss #flagstone #blairstownnj #sierrahomecraftstmen #agensstonenj ...

Yep it's time for a change. New yard coming shortly. #sierraweb ...