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Since 2004, clients have depended on Sierra for their outdoor-living solutions. We take great pride in our design process, project execution, and client relationships. One of our greatest assets is a satisfied client, so we invite you to learn more about us through their own words.
Bob & Kathy

Hardscape, trees and smaller plants were all involved. It was a large job. Rob brought in all the equipment and crew needed to perform the work. In addition to planting hundreds of plants, they also installed multiple hardscape areas including a large octagon patio area with bluestone. Providing another piece of hardscape, we were amazed the day that Sierra brought in huge pieces of stone to use as steps leading to a sun room. The stones had to be lifted by a tractor, then cut and carefully placed and sized.

Rob and his team also built several attractive stone walkways. They went above and beyond when redoing a portion of an older brick patio that had not correctly been integrated with our new kitchen addition, and also helped us effectively use a pile of dirt created when the foundation for the addition was built. Rob paid close attention to every detail of the design and was very flexible in accommodating changes to the design on the fly.

He and his team all worked tirelessly. We were very happy with their work. Sierra was very professional and a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend them.

Linda H.

After months of searching for a contractor to fix the drainage issues on my property, I met with Robert Molinet from Sierra Landscape Management and I knew my search was over.  It was apparent from that first meeting that Robert was knowledgeable and took pride in his business.  He spent a lot of time on my property that first day and I could tell he wasn’t the type to cut corners. I was having issues on opposite ends of my property and in the basement. Robert came up with a way to addressed all the issues, eliminate the cause and fix the damage that had been done as result. This was an extensive project that took weeks to complete.  I fully relied on Robert and his crew and never had to miss a day of work or worry about what was going on at home while I wasn’t there. He updated me on the project, took care of my property and always put in a full day of work.   I wasn’t disappointed! Sierra’s work was meticulous.  Before this project, on average my sump pump would run every day a few times an hour. After Sierra finished their work, I haven’t heard my sump pump activate yet! The peace of mind it has brought me to know that my foundation isn’t in danger or my home isn’t going to flood is invaluable.  I’m so glad that I didn’t settle on another company and it was a pleasure working with Sierra Landscape Management and knowing that honest, hardworking and capable companies do exist.

Craig & Rick

Both Rick and I like all the work that you and your crew accomplished yesterday.  It’s outstanding.  The low level divider is just as planned.  The bluestone is terrific both as the divider, but also as the base for the lantern.  The circular centerpiece of rocks with the taller rock basin is most imaginatively done, created with stones from the property.  Fantastic.  Your vision for this worked out so very well. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

Now, it’s onto the lily pool and lotus basin.  The garden was so successful, I am looking forward to this next part of the project.

Bill P.

We hired Sierra in 2013. During my initial meeting with the owner (Robert), I knew immediately Sierra was the perfect choice for our property. Robert is very knowledgeable and passionate about his business. In order to provide the highest level of service and quality, Robert is frequently on site. This was very important to me as previous companies would send different crews and their main goal was to get in and out as quickly as possible. He and his crew take their time to maximize the beauty of your property – he will not leave until your property looks perfect.

After seeing the level of service Sierra provides, we decided to hire them to replace our front walkway. Instead of just replacing what was there, Robert changed the flow of the walkway and I can’t believe how much better it looks! He provided us with a computer generated printout of the paver layout before starting the project so we knew exactly what were getting. He was also very patient with me when I couldn’t decide on the paver color / pattern and he would bring different paver samples to our house every week. During the job he also corrected several drainage issues we were having.

There are a lot of companies out there, however if you are looking to maximize the beauty of your property, want an owner that responds to all calls and emails with insightful responses, and want to deal with a true professional, then Sierra Landscape is the perfect choice for you. You will not be disappointed with the level of service or quality of work.

Pam & Ed

The total property (4 acres) backs to a wooded area and the majority of that property was totally wild and undeveloped.  The first part of the project was to reclaim the existing fenced dog area along the side of house as a secure area for a garden that with the fence would allow plants and shrubs that needed deer protection.  This area had a steep slope that made for tricky and sometimes slippery access to the back deck   The plan called to install approximately 18 large natural rock steps down along the side of the house.  About 2/3 or the way down near the exit from the back deck, an area was leveled and a small flat stone patio was installed. Then the stone steps continued into an area behind and below the existing deck.  An approximate 20’ x 60’ flat grassy area was created below and along the back of the deck by the installation of a 30 foot long, 3 foot high rock retaining wall and bringing in backfill soil.  A second access to this grass area was made from the other side of the deck with another set of large stone steps.

While this concept was shown on a landscape sketch, Robert of Sierra was able to visualize the project in 3D along the sloped areas and select for delivery boulders which were suitable to be used as steps and retaining wall all while matching the general rock type and color of the natural stone on the property.  The number of steps was only approximated on the drawing, yet Robert in one large delivery ordered sufficient rock and soil for the entire job.  His visualization and planning made the project a success.

Additionally, while removing some old tree stumps and other “woods debris”, Robert discovered a large stone outcropping which when uncovered really added to the natural beauty of the yard.  Finally, a 100’ x 100’ fence was added as a secure play area for the dogs.  Sierra planted all the plants /shrubs purchased for the new side yard garden and added mulching to complete the job.  In the spring, Sierra returned inspect the work after the winter freeze-thaw, reseeded grass areas and added mulch as necessary.  They also did additional plantings to upgrade the existing front of the house garden.

I would use Sierra again and would highly recommend them to others for any landscape jobs.

Sarah & Michael

Our new walkway is the most beautiful and stunning walkway that I have ever seen! Robert, the owner, was very patient with us in listening to our needs and suggesting options. He provided options for either a paver or stone walkway and suggested local dealers in the area to go and see samples. After reviewing the options, we decided on stone because we liked the color better.

Although stone was a little more expensive, it was worth it, given the overall expense. We reviewed the sample stone walkways at the local dealer and we initially thought that Vermont Slate and Tennessee Slate were the prettiest options. However, the dealer informed us that Vermont Slate flakes and Tennessee Slate doesn’t hold well. He told us that Bluestone is the most popular selling, and is a better option than the other two. Therefore, we went with Bluestone. We later met Robert at the dealer to select the stones and steps that he would be using. We decided on “Thermal” Bluestone at that time, because it has a smooth surface and would be easier when shoveling snow.

As it turned out, Robert did an outstanding job laying out the Thermal Bluestone steps and walkway. Robert is very artistically talented! He designed a different shape to our walkway, which was a big improvement. It turned out that we liked our new Bluestone walkway even better than Vermont Slate and Tennessee Slate. We liked it even better than the sample Bluestone walkway! Further, it is not slippery at all. Our new walkway has such an amazing “Wow” factor. Even our Fed-Ex delivery-man commented, “Great job on the new walkway!”

Dave T.

This is one of the most professional landscapers I have used. Robert was very communicative and reliable and he and his guys did a beautiful job on my walkway without any hassle. The price was very fair.

Claire W.

Robert is very detail oriented, patient and professional. Contract issued. No surprises. Work
completed beautifully. We are very pleased with the results of this landscaping project and will hire SIERRA again next year. We will recommend SIERRA to our family, friends & neighbors

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