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Frequently Asked Questions

At Sierra Landscape Management, we feel that the best customer is an informed customer, so we have taken the time to compile the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that we receive from our clients. We hope that the information presented below will help you solidify your choice in Sierra Landscape Management, and allow you to enter the discovery phase of your project knowledgeable and prepared.

Sierra was founded in 2004.

Sierra’s specialty is the outdoor living environment. However, our projects often involve transitional blending of these environments into the existing home or property. It is not uncommon to find our craftsmen working on the home structure itself, and even the rooms inside the home. Sierra delivers end-to-end design-build solutions, providing all design, permits, installation, and finishing of projects.

The length of a project can vary greatly depending on its size and complexity. What we can tell you is that we focus on one job at a time, so you can rest assured we’re working to complete your project quickly and with a great deal of care.

Sierra does not offer lawn services. We are a design–build living-enhancement firm focused on creating one-of-a-kind, artistically inspired outdoor spaces for discerning clients.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs requires any landscaper or contractor performing indoor or outdoor home improvement work be registered. When it registers contractors, the division examines a contractor candidate’s business formation documents and insurance certificates, and requires that any criminal history be divulged. In accordance with state law, Sierra is registered with the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs: NJHIC# 13VH04713500

New Jersey law requires that all New Jersey employers have workers’ compensation coverage. Even out-of-state employers need workers’ compensation coverage if their employees perform work in New Jersey. In accordance with state law, Sierra carries workers’ compensation insurance for all of its employees.

Sierra primarily designs and builds outdoor living spaces in northern NJ, but you can find our installations in several states. If you have a project that you feel is a fit for us, we would be happy to meet with you to see if we can make that happen.

Sierra works on projects every month of the year. Although certain additional planning might be necessary in colder winter months, we are well-accustomed to managing these kinds of logistics. Every one of our professionals is experienced working in all sorts of weather conditions.

Along with, “How long have you been in business?”, this is one of the mostly commonly asked questions we receive. To give you some idea of what to expect, understand the design and engineering process for most projects takes, at a minimum, several weeks. Often, it takes considerably longer—sometimes as long as several months—as you and our team work through myriad decisions. We’ll work tirelessly to streamline this process for you, bringing samples for you to review, setting up trial displays, arranging for manufacturing reps to visit your property site, and constantly asking questions and seeking feedback to ensure we create the design of your dreams. Obtaining the necessary permits and arranging required inspections can also be a very complicated and time-consuming process, but the good news is that we handle all of that work for you! Actual work on your property could start within several weeks of our first meeting, or it could take quite a few months. We’ll be able to go over the specifics of what you can expect when we discuss your project in detail

Your first step is to contact us! We’ll schedule a site visit at your convenience. After discussing with you your vision for your property and assessing the project site, we’ll work with you to create and refine a final project design (you can read more about the design process here). Once we’ve agreed on a design, we’ll draw up a detailed contract. At Sierra we pride ourselves on being exceptionally good at understanding the labor, time, and materials that a project entails. So, when you sign that contract, we can assure you that the price you’ve agreed to is the price you’ll pay (as long as the scope of work remains the same).

At Sierra we believe in shopping locally first, so we source our materials from local suppliers whenever possible. However, if you have a specific request for a product that cannot be found locally, we’ll happily track it down for you!

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