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At Sierra, the core of everything we do is built around the Nara System. The Nara System is a methodology we developed in order to address the industries most common questions and complaints. Nara first and foremost is about building lasting and stable environments around tried and true systems fused with modern technology. This fusion is the future of modern stone craft.
The product side of the Nara System involves methods we developed over 20+ years by paying close attention to the common pain points in our industry. The Nara lines choose installation methods that are lasting and more environmentally friendly, while also being respectful to the earth in which we have blessed to be given the opportunity to serve.

Outdoor Living

Quality of life is extremely important to preserving one’s overall health. In today’s world, we work longer hours on more days each year, so we have less time to reconnect and refresh during downtime. This means that having a peaceful, comfortable, inviting living space is more important than ever…

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Outdoor Problem-Solving

The powers of nature are awe-inspiring—but when they work against you, they can cause immeasurable stress and frustration. Our goal is to help our clients find harmony…

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As lifetime professionals, we love what we do, but we also very much enjoy passing on the knowledge and expertise we have developed through both our experience and training…

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