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Robert Molinet

President – Sierra Landscape Management, LLC
Soccer Coach, Cub Scout Den Leader, Host: Contractor Virtues Podcast, Drystone Walling Association of Great Britian – Waller Level 1, ICPI & NCMA Installer

My entire adult life, I have had a passion for creating amazing outdoor spaces, drawing my inspiration from the wonders of nature. I began working in the landscaping industry in the mid ‘90s, when I first learned how to create the fundamental elements of outdoor-living spaces, such as retaining walls, patios, water features, and outdoor structures. In 1999, I moved to Lake Tahoe, CA, to immerse myself more completely in the beauty of the natural world. While there, I had the privilege of working with some of the area’s most sought-after craftsmen, and together we tended the elite lakefront estates and secluded mountain retreats throughout the region. During this time, I was especially inspired by the abundant rock formations and water features strewn across the picturesque landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The experiences I had in the Sierra Nevada range affected me so profoundly that when I returned to New Jersey in 2004, I decided to invest my last $20 into producing a stack of flyers designed to advertise the launch of my new business, aptly named after the mountains that inspired its creation.

Today, I direct and manage Sierra as the president of the design-build firm. I also support and guide my apprentice employees in the same way I was mentored in California so that they, too, can become master craftsmen.

I love working with natural products—natural stone, in particular—and I’m especially passionate about creating outdoor spaces with elements that appear as though they have always been there. I’m thrilled that, as a result of the work my friend and strategic partner, Mary Stone, and I have done together, many area homeowners have fallen in love with custom natural-stone creations and woodland-inspired natural gardens the way we have.

I take my craft very seriously, but I also believe in being an honest businessman, a loyal husband, a loving father, and a caring mentor. It is extremely important to me that every relationship that Sierra nurtures embodies the values and goals upon which this company was founded. Fueled by a passion for tackling creative challenges and solving problems with and for my clients, it always excites me to see my clients explore their dreams through our creations. I invite you to let me show you how, by creating an outdoor-living environment you never thought would be possible, we can immeasurably improve your quality of life and enhance your own love of the outdoors. I look forward to working with you!

Mary E. Stone, Stone Associates Landscape Design & Consulting

Certified Landscape Designer, Project Manager, Coach, and Columnist

Since childhood, I’ve embraced the glories of Mother Nature, exploring the mysteries of the woods and learning the joys of gardening through 4H. After leaving a corporate career that began in the fashion industry, I returned to my roots and launched a landscape-design business more than 20 years ago. I am grateful for being given the opportunity to help clients realize the enjoyment that comes from enhancing their natural surroundings.

I specialize in creating unique environments using planting combinations that are out of the ordinary. I describe this as the “fashion of plants,” which I blend seamlessly with the fashion of hardscape areas and specialized garden themes. In addition to design, I also coach clients on soil preparation and planting protocols to ensure their gardens flourish for years to come.

While I am formally trained in landscape design, I believe the “classroom” truly is the world around us. For myself and many of my clients, outdoor-living spaces are places of respite—places to share precious time with family and friends.

I will work closely together with you throughout the design process and beyond as we discover your requirements, likes, and inspirations. Together with the Sierra team, we’ll leverage the potential of your property, creating solutions for problem areas and garden dilemmas, all while working within your budget and ambitions for gardening (or desire for low maintenance). Our goal is your complete satisfaction.

Please feel free to visit my weekly column, Garden Dilemmas? Ask Mary!, published in THE PRESS (NJ & PA), and online at

Looking forward to working with you,

Mary Stone

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